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Historical weather for 15246 days between Oct 4, 1936 and Jul 1, 2022.

Temperature Normals

This chart gives a general overview of temperature at this weather station for a complete year compared with the "normal" temperature. In this case, "normal" is defined as the average daily high temperature during the years 1980-2010. This is a good starting point for understanding the temperature of a place during a year. It clearly shows intervals of relatively warm and cold weather.

Year-to-Date Precipitation

This chart shows cumulative precipitation (rain and snow) at the weather station throughout the year. Every year on record is shown as an individual line, and selected years are highlighted. This chart is very helpful for understanding the precipitation at the weather station during the year. In many cases, a particularly "wet year" is dominated by a single interval of wet weather, which is easy to see on this chart.

Year-over-Year Temperature

This chart shows mean daytime high temperature for every year in which the weather station has collected data, limited to a specified slice of the calendar year. Using this chart, it is easy to support such observations as "it was a really warm August this year."
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Year-over-Year Precipitation

This chart is the equivalent of the above chart, but for precipitation. It allows us to support observations such as "it was a really wet spring this year."
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Annualized Temperature & Precipitation

This chart allows us to see temperature and precipition, for a specified slice of the year. This allows us to support observations about, for example, severe wildfire seasons, such as Anchorage in 2019.
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Snow Depth

Not all weather stations reliably record snow depth. For those that do, this chart can provide a valuable look at snowpack relative to other years. Rather than oriented on the calendar year, this chart is oriented on the winter (e.g. 2018-2019).
For winter: